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Verizon accused of forcing copper customers onto fiber

2016-05-03 17:37 by


A union representing Verizon workers has filed a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission against Verizon's practice of forcing users to switch over to fiber-optic networks.

It turns out that the company was trying to expand its fiber network by misleading their customers who had problems with their DSL connection that "fiber is the only fix". If customers decided not to switch, they were often told by Verizon workers that their phone service could be disconnected in a matter of days.

The groups cite various customers who said that they were never aware that Verizon was going to switch their copper lines to fiber. Actually, a number of customers who decided to switch over to a cable competitor found they could not port their old number.

Verizon disagreed with the statements:

"The whole complaint is completely ridiculous. There is no deception whatsoever and we take great exception to this accusation," the Verizon spokesperson said. "The fact that we've never heard a peep from the unions about it until now—in the middle of a work stoppage—tells you everything you need to know about what their real motivation is with this complaint. It's nothing more than yet another publicity stunt aimed to distract from the real issues that need to be settled at the bargaining table."

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