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U.S. carriers will soon announce ZenKey authentication

2019-10-04 17:51 by
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The Mobile Authentication taskforce comprised of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon plans to announce later this month at MWC Los Angeles details about ZenKey - a platform that aims to enhance mobile authentication without using passwords.

ZenKey was actually introduced back in early 2018 under the name Project Verify. It is going to let app developers and service providers integrate its technology so that service providers can authenticate their customers more effectively and securely with methods like biometric verification.

Like two-factor authentication or 2FA, the idea behind ZenKey is to use something you always have on you, in this case your phone. Unlike 2FA, however, ZenKey actually stands in for passwords rather than being a second layer in addition to it.

The password-less mechanism leverages a combination of factors for identification, such as your phone (something you have), biometrics (something you are), and your location in place of your passwords (something you know).

"Enhancing security often means adding steps or complicating processes. Conventional wisdom says heightened data security isn't convenient, and that's why it has seemed to be out of reach. ZenKey shows the industry it doesn't have to be that way," said Alex Sinclair, chief technology officer, GSMA. "It simultaneously gives consumers the ability to more securely direct the flow of their own data while making it easier to access mobile applications they're already using."

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