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US carriers launch Project Verify to replace password use

2018-09-14 16:54 by


The Mobile Authentication Taskforce, consisting of wireless carriers Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, announced that its effort to prevent fraud and data breaches has a name, Project Verify.

The four carriers have teamed up to create a single sign-on service that could simplify app logins by using a mixture of authentication methods to authenticate the user for all apps. This ideally would save the user from memorizing a bunch of complex passwords for each app.

Project Verify is not your conventional password manager, it's a completely separate way to login to apps. Similar to how you can sign in to various websites using your Facebook/Google account, Verify will be another option users can choose, instead of creating a new account and having to remember yet another password. The app developers promise it will be more secure because of the added verification information that comes from the collaboration with the carriers: Phone number, SIM details, Account tenure and others. This will also allow it to be used as a Second Factor Authentication method, so instead of having to enter a code you’ve received in a text or e-mail, you can use Verify.

"The Project Verify app can be preloaded or downloaded to the user's mobile device," a video describing the technology says. "And then when they face a login screen on their favorite sites and apps, they select the verify option. That's it—Project Verify does the rest."

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