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US-built 'Frontier' now world's fastest supercomputer

2022-05-30 17:08 by
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The United States is on top of the supercomputing world in the Top500 ranking of the most powerful systems. The Frontier system from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) running on AMD EPYC CPUs took first place from last year's champ, Japan's ARM A64X Fugaku system.

Japan's A64X-based Fugaku system had held the number one spot on the Top500 list for the last two years with its 442 petaflops of performance. Frontier smashed that record by achieving 1.1 ExaFlops in the Linpack FP64 benchmark, though the system's peak performance is rated at 1.69 ExaFlops.

In addition, the Frontier test and development system (TDS) also secured the top spot on the Green500 list, delivering 62.68 gigaflops/watt power-efficiency from a single cabinet of 3rd Gen AMD Epyc processors and AMD Instinct MI250x accelerators. Frontier's mixed-precision computing performance clocked in at 6.86 exaflops, as measured by the High-Performance Linpack-Accelerator Introspection, or HPL-AI, test.

"Frontier is ushering in a new era of exascale computing to solve the world's biggest scientific challenges," ORNL director Thomas Zacharia said in a statement. "This milestone offers just a preview of Frontier's unmatched capability as a tool for scientific discovery," he added.

It's still in the integration and testing process at the ORNL in Tennessee, but will eventually be operated by the US Air Force and US Department of Energy.

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