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US airlines are still super worried about 5G

2021-12-22 19:01 by
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The world's biggest commercial airplane manufacturers are telling the Biden Administration to delay the rollout of 5G cell service next month. The heads of the two largest commercial jet makers, Boeing and Airbus, are warning against a plan to deploy new 5G wireless networks starting next month, saying interference from the upgrade could pose a danger to vital aircraft systems.

The battle over the deployment of 5G services on C-Band frequencies began as a conflict between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which approved the use of C-Band spectrum by telecom carriers, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which opposed the move over fears that the use of 5G device on that particular bit of airspace could interfere with the altimeters many planes use to enable automated landing procedures.

While the aviation industry says that tests show 5G can interfere with an aircraft's altimeter, the wireless industry continues to dispute this claim arguing that 5G signals are far away enough from the frequencies used by altimeters and are set to operate at safe levels.

Based on some worst-case assumptions, Airlines for America told the US senate that AT&T and Verizon's new 5G service has the potential to disrupt as many as 350k flights a year. However, the FCC, which gave the approval for mobile carriers to use these new airwaves, has yet to impose any additional restrictions. The government agency is working with the FAA to resolve this ongoing dispute between the aviation and wireless industries.

In November, AT&T and Verizon delayed the launch of C-Band wireless service by a month, and in an effort to break the stalemate, they also reportedly offered to limit power levels emanating from 5G towers for six months to give regulators a chance to assess whether the new technology would cause problems for aircraft.

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