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Trump administration sues California over net neutrality

2018-10-01 17:01 by


Several hours after Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California net neutrality bill into law on Sunday, the Department of Justice said it is filing a lawsuit against the state of California over the new law.

"Because its regulatory approach directly conflicts with the FCC's, SB-822 inflicts irreparable harm on both the United States as well as the public interest more generally," the DOJ told the court. "As this Court recently noted, '[t]he United States suffers injury when its valid laws in a domain of federal authority are undermined by impermissible state regulations,' and '[f]rustration of federal statutes and prerogatives are not in the public interest.'"

The California law would be the strictest net neutrality protections in the country, and could serve as a blueprint for other states. Under the law, internet service providers will not be allowed to block or slow specific types of content or applications, or charge apps or companies fees for faster access to customers.

California isn't the only state that's attempting to restore net neutrality. The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that as of August 27th, legislators from 30 states have introduced over 72 bills around various net neutrality principles. Governors in six states have signed executive orders, and Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have already adopted their own net neutrality rules following the FCC's reversal.

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