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TP-Link exhibits WiFi 7 solutions at CES 2023

2023-01-05 13:29 by
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At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, TP-Link exhibited new WiFi 7 products including WiFi 7 range extenders, 5G WiFi 7 routers, WiFi 7 routers, and Whole Home Mesh WiFi 7 product.

Deco BE95 received a 2023 CES Innovation Award. This quad-band WiFi 7 product is the industry's fastest Quad-Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi 7 system so far, featuring the latest 6 GHz band, 320 MHz bandwidth, and 4K-QAM for a combined speed of up to 33 Gbps across 16 streams. Each unit comes equipped with two 10G WAN/LAN ports and two 2.5G WAN/LAN ports for multi-gigabit networking. Among them is a 10 Gbps SFP+ fiber and RJ45 Ethernet Combo port for high-bandwidth connectivity, converting fiber data to Ethernet cable data with an SFP module. This builds long-range point-to-point connections easily. With TP-Link's AI-Driven Mesh technology, the system uses advanced algorithms and self-learning to ensure its mesh WiFi suits every home.

Deco BE65 is another WiFi 7 Mesh with tri-band 11 Gbps WiFi 7 speeds and four 2.5G ports. While Deco BE85 is a WiFi 7 Mesh with tri-band 22 Gbps WiFi 7 speeds, two 10G ports, and two 2.5G ports.

Archer BE900 sports a futuristic, upright design that looks more like a gaming console than a router, complete with an LED screen and touch controls on the front face. Archer BE900 offers 24 Gbps quad-band WiFi 7 speeds and comes with a brand-new design. It has 12× optimally positioned internal antennas that achieve the effects of high gain, high isolation, high integration, and multidirectional coverage. Equipped with two 10G WAN/LAN ports - one RJ45 port and an RJ45/SFP+ combo port - Archer BE900 provides flexible support for both fiber and copper connections. The additional four 2.5G ports and two USB ports make it an ideal solution for future-proofing your home network.

Another three routers - Archer BE800, Archer BE805, and Archer BE550 - were also exhibited. All these routers are EasyMesh-compatible and equipped with HomeShield functionalities. Archer BE800 is a tri-band WiFi 7 router with up to 19 Gbps WiFi, equipped with an LED screen, two 10G ports, and four 2.5G ports. Archer BE805 is also a tri-band WiFi 7 router with up to 19 Gbps WiFi speeds, two 10G ports, and four 1G ports. Archer BE550 is another tri-band WiFi 7 router but with speeds up to 9214 Mbps, and five 2.5G ports.

Archer GE800 is a tri-band WiFi 7 gaming router that delivers WiFi speeds of over 18 Gbps. GE800 is powered by the latest CPU and powerful WiFi chipset, providing enough performance for the most intense gaming networks. GE800 is also equipped with two 10G ports and two 2.5G ports to meet the needs of multi-Gig entertainment like gaming, 8K AR/VR, and home NAS setups. With abundant game acceleration functions, GE800 boosts gaming traffic, stabilizes connections, and reduces latency to ensure your gaming stays immersive by accelerating game devices, servers, and applications, including mobile games.

TP-Link WiFi 7 range extenders help eliminate dead zones by boosting your wireless networks in your home and office. Equipped with EasyMesh-compatible, these WiFi 7 range extenders work with TP-Link WiFi 7 routers to form a seamless whole home Mesh WiFi. Two WiFi 7 range extenders were unveiled at CES. RE800BE, a BE19000 tri-band WiFi 7 range extender, has up to 19 Gbps WiFi speeds, one 10G port, and two gigabit ports. While RE550BE is another tri-band WiFi 7 range extender with speeds up to 9214 Mbps, one 2.5G port, and two gigabit ports.

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