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TomTom and Microsoft team up to bring generative AI to automobiles

2023-12-20 17:15 by
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TomTom just announced a "fully integrated, AI-powered conversational automotive assistant" which should start popping up in dashboard infotainment platforms in the near-ish future. The company has issued some bold claims for the AI, saying it'll offer "more sophisticated voice interaction" and allow users to converse naturally to navigate, find stops along a route, control onboard systems, open windows and just about anything else you find yourself doing while driving.

The company, best known for GPS platforms, partnered up with Microsoft to develop this AI assistant. The technology leverages OpenAI's large language models, in addition to Microsoft products like Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Services. Cosmos DB is a multi-model database and Cognitive Services is a set of APIs for use in AI applications, so this should be a capable assistant that draws from the latest advancements.

TomTom says drivers will be able to have the assistant navigate to a certain location, find specific stops along the route, turn up the temperature, change radio stations and do it all from a single interaction. This uses the power of models like GPT-4 to understand complex queries.

"Together with Microsoft, our shared vision is to drive innovation with generative AI and provide our customers with even better solutions," said Mike Schoofs, Chief Revenue Officer, TomTom.

He added: "Leveraging our navigation and technology expertise, we're creating a groundbreaking new way for people to interact with their vehicles. With both companies integrating what they do best into one solution, we're transforming the in-vehicle experience, enabling drivers to ask their car for anything and trust it will deliver."

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