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Texans aren't allowed to buy Texas-built Teslas

2021-05-31 19:35 by
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One of the reasons Tesla is building a factory in Texas is to cut down on shipping costs to the eastern part of the United States, but it's going to find itself in the odd position of having to ship its vehicles out of state before selling them to Texans.

A Texas law currently says that automakers cannot sell cars directly to consumers; if someone in, say, Austin or San Antonio wants to purchase a Texas-made Tesla, that Tesla would first have to be shipped out of state before the sale is made.

That doesn't mean that Tesla can't sell its EVs to Texans, it simply means that it has to find innovative ways to do so. For instance, Tesla has a number of "galleries," per The Drive, in which Texans can take a look at Teslas, but employees aren't allowed to mention pricing. Instead, residents can currently buy Teslas online, but the transactions and vehicles must originate out of state.

Texas is not the only state that has laws in place to protect its dealerships. Connecticut also has in-progress legislation that would allow Tesla to sell cars, but not lease them. Though, it is important to note that other states do not have EV factories like the Texas Gigafactory.

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