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T-Mobile will let you test drive its network for 30 days

2019-08-29 11:41 by


T-Mobile's has revived its "Test Drive" offer that allows customers to try out T-Mobile's LTE network for 30 days (or until you go through 30GB of data) for free. The offer is intended to let customers of rival carriers see for themselves how the company's data coverage and speeds compare. It's aimed at those currently with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Xfinity Mobile, or smaller carriers.

To test the service, T-Mobile will send you a portable hotspot that taps into its 600 Mhz network from wherever you are: home, office, while commuting or even on vacation. That's the signal, T-Mobile says, that will form the foundation of its future 5G network. T-Mobile says that no questions will be asked if you choose to stick with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint after the trial period ends.

This is not T-Mobile's first "Test Drive" program: in 2014, the company loaned out iPhone 5S devices with T-Mobile service so potential customers could try out the network. That program was only for seven days, though. This new Test Drive system is far longer and won't require customers to switch phones, making it potentially more useful. If nothing else, it's a way to get a free 30GB T-Mobile hot spot for a month.

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