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T-Mobile reportedly suffers yet another data breach

2021-12-29 14:45 by


T-Mobile has recently admitted that the company suffered yet another security breach. They state that there was "unauthorized activity" on some customer accounts. That activity was either the viewing of customer proprietary network information (CPNI), an active SIM swap by a malicious actor, or both. T-Mobile confirmed in these documents that customers who contacted their support team were able to regain access to their SIM.

For its part, the company has contacted individuals who were targeted in this breach, alerting them to specify what was or wasn't viewed and highlighting that this hacker stole no payment or password data to its knowledge. However, T-Mobile has yet to report any specifics about how many customers were directly affected.

The good news is the account information viewed without authorization and presumably stolen this time around is not quite as extensive as during the previous breach, with no social security numbers, birth dates, or personal identification data compromised in any way, at least to Magenta's current (leaked) knowledge.

Of course, this follows a larger T-Mobile data breach that took place back in August of 2021 that affected 100 million customers, after which T-Mobile stated it would open a Cyber Transformation Office while partnering with cybersecurity companies to help stop attacks from happening.

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