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T-Mobile launches nationwide 5G standalone network

2020-08-04 17:05 by
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Starting today, T-Mobile is deploying the world's first standalone architecture (SA) 5G network, expanding the company's 5G coverage to "nearly 2,000 additional cities and towns." All other existing 5G networks operate in a "non-standalone" mode, meaning phones fall back to LTE for activation, initial connects/reconnects, performing calls, and sometimes even data uploads.

To be precise, T-Mobile said its standalone (SA) deployment expands its 5G footprint to 1.3 million square miles, an expansion of about 30% compared to what it had with NSA by itself, and its 5G is now in more than 7,500 cites and towns across the country. The SA version initially is using its 600 MHz spectrum.

"With non-standalone network architecture (NSA)," T-Mobile said in the announcement, "600 MHz 5G is combined with mid-band LTE to access the core network, but without SA the 5G signal only goes as far as mid-band LTE. With today's launch, 600 MHz 5G can go beyond the mid-band signal, covering hundreds of square miles from a single tower and going deeper into buildings than before."

The company had previously activated a nationwide 5G network in late 2019 that was said to be more expansive than T-Mobile's competitors. However, due to the longer range, the speeds were slower than the gigabit speeds that 5G networks are known for.

This news comes one day after the T-Mobile and Sprint brands completed their unification under the T-Mobile brand nationwide.

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