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T-Mobile confirms it will shut down Sprint's LTE network next year

2021-08-04 15:51 by
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T-Mobile will shut down Sprint's LTE network no later than June 30, 2022, the carrier has confirmed. By that time, T-Mobile will have already retired Sprint's older 3G (CDMA) network as well.

"To ensure all customers can enjoy a more advanced 4G and 5G network, we will be retiring older network technologies to free up resources and spectrum that will help us strengthen our entire network, move all customers to more advanced technologies and bridge the Digital Divide. An additional part of this effort involves moving Sprint's LTE spectrum to the T-Mobile network."

The Sprint LTE network shutdown doesn't come as a shock - by Sprint's own admission the network wasn't very good to begin with, and T-Mobile hasn't been shy about moving quickly to consolidate Sprint's network assets with its own. The company's 3G shutdown timeline has been the source of a lot of bad blood between T-Mobile and Dish Network, which acquired Sprint's former prepaid business Boost Mobile as part of the merger deal.

T-Mobile points out that its LTE covers 99% of Americans, and most Sprint LTE phones work with the T-Mobile LTE network with a SIM card swap. Customers' plans will be updated to support T-Mobile's LTE and 5G network if they don't already, so no plan changes are necessary.

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