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T-Mobile: Beware the SIM card scam

2018-02-06 14:29 by
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Redmond Police say they are investigating seven cases of scammers stealing phone numbers from T-mobile customers so they can access their bank accounts.

This week massive amounts of T-Mobile users were sent a text message that warned of a "port out scam." This text was indeed real, and most certainly did play out in a most negative way for at least a few users quite recently. The Port-out scammers call mobile phone carriers and impersonate real customers.

Attackers "port" - or transfer - the number to another device, carrier or SIM, thus stealing the number. One T-Mobile customer said thieves nearly got their hands on all the money in her bank account. The woman recalls that scammers stole her number and cut her off.

The carrier said that it's sending out alerts to all of its post-paid customers but the warning has not reached everyone yet. The alert rollout is gradual, however, the threat is nonetheless real and can affect all T-Mobile customers.

Unfortunately, the scam is not just specific to T-mobile. Redmond police say the phone porting scam could affect anyone with a mobile phone who does not have a second layer of protection, an additional passcode, set up.

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