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T-Mobile and Sprint get into a price war

2014-08-22 09:56 by
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After an unsuccessful merger with Sprint, T-Mobile is going after its former suitor's customers, as well as its other competitors' subcribers in the wireless world. Yesterday, the magenta-colored carrier announced an aggressive promotional campaign.

Starting next week, T-Mobile's refer-a-friend campaign will reward its own subscribers and the friends recruited from other carriers with one year of unlimited data for no extra monthly charge. Customers already on unlimited plans will get a $10 credit for 12 months.

The offer - introduced with a statement entitled "T-Mobile Urges Its Customers to Rescue Beleaguered Sprint Customers" - is aimed primarily at Sprint, but also applies to customers recruited from Verizon Communications and AT&T.

While this definitely sounds like an attractive offer to people who may want to switch wireless carriers, like all promotions, it does come with a little fine print. In order to score the unlimited data or bill credit, existing T-Mobile customers have to register their phone number and their referral's phone number at a special website within 30 days of the new service's activation. Also, both the existing and new customer must maintain service without plan changes to continue receiving the promotion.

T-Mobile's offer follows a promotion launched by Sprint this week that overhauls Sprint's pricing. On Thursday, Sprint unveiled a $60 Unlimited Plan for individual customers. The new service offers unlimited voice, text messaging, and data for $60 a month. Sprint is marketing the new plan as the cheapest around.

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