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Sleep tracking may be coming to Apple Watch soon

2019-09-02 17:17 by


The Apple Watch could finally be getting its own sleep tracking feature and it could be unveiled at Apple's 10 September event. The new feature — codenamed "Burrito" internally and called "Time in Bed tracking" — will allow users to choose to wear Apple Watch to bed. If the user has more than one Apple Watch, they can pick one to be their designated bedtime Watch.

Many wearers already use their Apple Watches to wake them up with silent haptic tapping instead of an alarm. With this new feature, the Watch will recognize when they're awake and active, and it will automatically cancel that alarm.

Reportedly, the Apple Watch will not require any additional hardware to track sleep adopting the same method of monitoring your bed time as other smartwatches and sports watches. So, using a person's movement, heart rate and noises to produce data about a user's quality of sleep. That data will apparently be able to live inside of Apple's Health app and inside of a dedicated Sleep app.

Apple has been working on sleep tracking since at least 2017 when it acquired the firm Beddit. As recently as June, Beddit has been inviting beta testers to use the iPhone app it continues to develop.

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