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Six tech companies filing net neutrality lawsuit

2018-03-05 15:34 by
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Six technology companies have launched a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission in an effort to preserve net neutrality rules.

Today, Foursquare, Etsy, Shutterstock, Kickstarter and others filed a petition with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals over the FCC's plans to roll back an Obama-era ruling that prevents telecoms from throttling the internet for various uses. The suit is being filed on behalf of the companies that are part of the Coalition for Internet Openness, which is an organization committed to preserving the openness, speed and accessibility of the internet for all Americans.

"The millions of entrepreneurs, creators, brands and businesses that these companies represent rely on a free and open internet to inform, support and express themselves, and to bring their ideas to the world," the companies said in a prepared statement. "Today's petition will make sure that their voices—and the voices of everyone who looks to the internet for innovation, information and creativity—are heard in the fight to protect net neutrality."

Supporters of the new rules say that by lifting the burden of net neutrality regulations, companies such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon will invest in their networks, improve service and expand to underserved and rural areas.

Critics say that absent regulations, Internet providers have free rein to slow down certain websites or features — video streaming, for example — or speed up websites and services willing to pay more for Internet "fast lanes."

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