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Samsung's Eco Remote will charge from your router

2022-01-03 10:01 by
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A year ago at CES 2021, Samsung announced its solar-powered Eco Remote for its 2021 TVs. Now, for CES 2022 the company announced some improvements - the remote now has the ability to harvest energy from radio waves in the home - for example from a WiFi router or other wireless sources.

Aside from the new RF harvesting option, the Eco Remote can be charged from both outdoor and indoor light or (for the fastest results) over USB-C.

Using radio waves from routers to charge the battery is a smart idea, since that energy goes to waste otherwise. Several companies have tapped into radio frequency (RF) harvesting over the last several years, though the approach seems best suited to low-power devices such as TV remotes.

There's a solar panel on the rear of the remote. The remote is made with recycled materials, which aligns with Samsung's sustainability efforts.

For the 2022 update, meanwhile, there's also an aesthetic change. Samsung will now be offering a white version of the remote alongside the black, to better match some of its lifestyle TVs. In addition to a D-pad, volume, voice control, and other shortcuts, there are dedicated launcher buttons for key on-demand services: Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

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