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Samsung unveils AI-powered "artificial human"

2020-01-07 12:33 by
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Samsung subsidiary STAR Labs has officially unveiled its mysterious "artificial human" project, Neon. Neon isn't a robot or a voice assistant like Siri or Alexa. Instead, it's a simulated human assistant that appears on a screen and learns about people to help it give seemingly intelligent and life-like responses - think of it like an animated chatbot. Samsung claims the Neons will be able to provide a response to questions in milliseconds.

Each simulated human - which would exist only on screens and perhaps holographic displays, not in the real world - would be called NEON, and Samsung's concept is that they would grow to develop believable personalities that would eventually make them friendly companions, yoga instructors, TV anchors and spokespeople.

The company also claims that NEONs can also learn from experiences — but it doesn't explain how that will work. It's also not immediately clear if these avatars will operate as part of a cloud service run by Samsung or STAR LABS, or whether businesses will have the option to run them locally. Similarly, we don’t know how NEONs will be made available to people to interact with.

The Korean giant is only demoing its futuristic artificial human technology – Neon – at its CES booth. It's far from ready for prime time. Neons are expected to become available for beta testing – directly in the real-world with partners – later in 2020.

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