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Russia's Sberbank releases ChatGPT rival GigaChat

2023-04-24 16:43 by
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Russian lender Sberbank said on Monday it had released technology called GigaChat as a rival to ChatGPT, initially in an invite-only testing mode.

The development allows Sberbank to join the ever-growing AI arms race. Subsequently, following the OpenAI program's creation of a previously overlooked market. Conversely, Elon Musk and Google have all embraced the technology by developing their own kind of ChatGPT system. Additionally, Sberbank's GigaChat is the latest competition.

Gigachat is said to excel among its peers - ChatGPT in particular - thanks to its excellent Russian-language comprehension as well as its ability to generate images, a feature that ChatGPT currently lacks.

Sberbank is state-owned and has its headquarters in Moscow, so the Russian population should expect GigaChat's answers to questions on problematic subjects such as Ukraine to have passed through an approval process by the government.

Due to the sanctions facing the country right now, it's unlikely GigaChat will be made available outside of Russia. China seems to be taking a similar approach and a number of companies are working on homegrown alternatives to ChatGPT, with examples including Ernie Bot developed by Baidu and MOSS developed by the NLP Lab at Fudan University.

Read the full Reuters story -here-


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