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Russia and China want secure domestic internet

2015-08-17 10:53 by


Russia and China are constantly fighting against the West world in the areas of politics, economics, even espionage. The latest area in which the two countries want to decrease the impact of the US is the Internet. In order to limit the US dominance in the current Internet construct which conflicts with their national security interests, the two countries apply a series of meassures.

Russia plans to implement a new law regarding data localization of Internet communications, which goes into effect on September 1, 2015. The law requires companies hosting information online that is accessible to Russian citizens to store any data on servers that are physically located in the country. The authorities claim that the intention of this law is to safeguard Russian citizens from the growing threat of foreign interference.

China has also passed legislation with a much broader scope than Russia's data localization law. Even more, in some critical sectors, foreign technologies are forbidden.

To make their intentions more impressive both of the countries have formalized them legislatively as well. During Chinese President Xi Jinping's May 8 visit to Moscow, Xi and Putin both signed a pledge that the two nations would never engage in cyber attacks against one another. This once again indicates the extent to which governments are already engaging in massive cyber warfare, predicted by many analysts to be a key battleground in the foreseeable geopolitical future.

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