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Robot dog Spot can now talk thanks to ChatGPT

2023-04-27 17:48 by
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Boston Dynamics' robot dog Spot has been upgraded with OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's speech function, allowing the robot dog to turn complex data into something humans can understand.

In a two minute video, shared by AI expert Santiago Valdarrama, Spot is able to answer natural language questions such as "Are you standing?" and "What is your battery level?".

To do so, Spot first uses Open AI's ChatGPT to query information and then uses Google's text-to-speech AI to vocalize the answer.

"At the end of each mission, the robots capture a ton of data. There's no simple way to query all of it on demand. That's where ChatGPT comes in," said Valdaramma.

While this may look like the engineers have created a dog that can understand and respond to natural language commands, that is not necessarily the case. Since the edited video only shows bits and pieces of what is actually happening, it is possible that the combined Spot and ChatGPT system has only been trained to work on a few commands.

The capability to interact with Spot could open many practical venues for exploration. For example, robots could be employed in dangerous missions requiring some autonomy, such as clearing out explosives or inspecting radioactive environments.

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Watch the video here:


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