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RIAA calls on BitTorrent to help tackle piracy

2015-08-06 10:07 by
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The RIAA has asked uTorrent client creator BitTorrent to stop the use of its software for downloading and sharing of pirated content. BitTorrent is a protocol used to share large amount data across the web. Files are split up and shared amongst users, and piece by piece, built up again on a system gradually.

In a letter sent to BitTorrent Inc. CEO Eric Klinker, RIAA executive vice president, anti-piracy Brad Buckles accused the San Francisco-based tech company of making disingenuous claims over its involvement with piracy, "when BitTorrent, Inc. itself is the source of the software that is used overwhelmingly for infringement."

"This year marks the 10th anniversary of BitTorrent Inc.'s development of a distributed hash table (DHT) approach to file distribution, and yet, as we have previously discussed with your company, we remain very concerned about the overwhelming use of BitTorrent Inc. developed clients to infringe our members' content," Brad Buckles says.

Buckles also claims that software developed by BitTorrent Inc. accounts for approximately 75% of at least 1.6 million torrent based infringements in the United States during 2014. He also has suggested some approaches that would help BitTorrent to fight with piracy.

"We are willing to establish a process to share the hashes with BitTorrent Inc. on a regular basis so that BitTorrent Inc. can use the information to deter further infringement of those files via its goods and services" the RIAA adds, while helpfully offering additional support, if needed.

"We also know of several companies that offer services to help identify infringing torrent sites and files that may be useful in helping BitTorrent Inc. take steps to reduce their facilitation of infringement."

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