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Razer's high-tech RGB COVID mask is available now

2021-10-21 15:43 by
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Razer's high-tech COVID mask is finally available now. Fully revealed today during the company's RazerCon 2021 event, the Razer Zephyr is a wearable air purifier. The difference between an air purifier and the Spider-Man mask you bought off Etsy is that a plain cloth mask passively filters the air that passes through it, whereas the Zephyr uses a pair of two-speed fans to actively cycle air through a pair of N95 grade filters.

The facemask uses what Razer refers to as "N95 grade" filters, which it claims can block up to 99% of air particles up to 0.3 microns, and that the filtration occurs both when you inhale and exhale. Razer's other big claim is that these filters last three times as long as disposable masks. The filters include one for each side nozzle and one for the bottom of the unit.

Announced as a concept at CES 2021, the Zephyr is the finished product from what was previously called Project Hazel. After months of development, testing, and some community involvement, the mask has become a reality and you can order yours now.

Available now on Razer's site, the Zephyr ships with three pairs of filters tested to last about three days each for a full day's use; a pack with 10 sets of replacement filters will run $30. You can also buy it in a starter pack with the mask and 33 sets of filters - roughly 3 months worth - for $150.

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