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Razer confirms plans to manufacture its smart RGB face mask

2021-03-26 20:07 by
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Earlier this year, Razer revealed an RGB mask it called Project Hazel. Now, it seems that Project Hazel is going to become a reality.

CEO Min-Liang Tan told Yahoo Finance that Razer planned to make the mask, but didn't elaborate when manufacturing would begin. He explained that the company realized wearing masks would still be common practice for some time, especially since in countries with slower vaccine roll-outs.

"So with that in mind, we are going to go ahead and solve the sustainable aspect of the mask which is one of the big things for us. Project Hazel is going to be a reality. We are going to make it happen and I think we will all will be, unfortunately, wearing masks for a long time to come," Tan said.

Project Hazel is expected to be as effective as an N95 mask with bacterial filtration efficiency pods that can trap 95 percent of airborne particles. It will also feature adjustable straps to create an airtight seal, and it will have the ability to vent out CO2 and bring in fresh air. And the mask can be sterilized by UV light when you place it in its charging case overnight.

The most obvious feature that differentiates Project Hazel from most N95 respirators on the market is the transparent-plastic front that allows people to see a wearer's face. Covid-19 has revealed the problems that come with being unable to see others' expressions - eyes alone don't always show what a person is thinking - but Razer's mask conceals no emotions.

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