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Popular tech brands taken off Amazon following 'fake reviews' report

2021-05-11 17:19 by


A cybersecurity team from Safety Detectives came across a server filled with incriminating information. It revealed that Amazon vendors had a scam going on with reviewers.

More than 13 million records totaling 7GB of data were found containing messages between vendors and reviewers. This data contained messages with personal information such as vendors’ email addresses and WhatsApp and Telegram phone numbers. The reviewers had their Amazon accounts, PayPal accounts, email addresses and usernames exposed.

How this works is that Amazon vendors send a list of products to reviewers. These are the products on which they want high (usually a 5-star) rating. These reviewers then buy the products and give a 5-star rating for it - resulting in the product to go high on suggestions list, making it more visible in your eyes while browsing.

Once the review is given on Amazon, the reviewer sends a message back to the vendor, which also includes the link to Amazon profile and PayPal details. The reviewer then gets the refund for the item purchased and also gets to keep the product. Some even get extra cash reward, as per the report.

People have started to notice that some of the popular products on Amazon are either unavailable for shipping or removed completely from the store. Reliable and well-known tech sellers, including Aukey, Tomtop, and Mpow, are slowly disappearing from Amazon.

While it's still unclear why this might be happening, it's quite possible that there is a serious reason behind Amazon's decision to pull some product listings from its store.

An Amazon spokesperson, while not commenting on the specific brands in question, said:

"We want Amazon customers to shop with confidence knowing that the reviews they read are authentic and relevant. We have clear policies for both reviewers and selling partners that prohibit abuse of our community features, and we suspend, ban, and take legal action against those who violate these policies."

Read more -here-


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