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Personal data of 70 million AT&T customers being sold by hackers

2021-08-20 18:39 by
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A well-known hacker (or hackers) says they've stolen the personal data of 70 million AT&T customers, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, phone numbers and dates of birth.

The threat actor, known as ShinyHunters, began selling this database yesterday on a hacking forum with a starting price of $200,000 and incremental offers of $30,000. The hacker states that they are willing to sell it immediately for $1 million.

However, AT&T claim that they did not suffer a data breach and that the data "does not appear to have come from our systems." ShinyHunters insist that the data is the real thing.

"It doesn't surprise me," ShinyHunters told "I think they will keep denying until I leak everything."

Customer information is a hot commodity in the hacking community due to the wide variety of fraud that can be committed with little effort, and synergies that can be gained by combining leaks. For example, only two days before this report, T-Mobile was reportedly hit with a server attack exposing 47.8 million people's data.

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