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OpenAI to offer users up to $20,000 for reporting bugs

2023-04-11 19:49 by
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OpenAI, the firm behind chatbot sensation ChatGPT, said on Tuesday that it would offer up to $20,000 to users reporting vulnerabilities in its artificial intelligence systems.

"The OpenAI Bug Bounty Program is a way for us to recognize and reward the valuable insights of security researchers who contribute to keeping our technology and company secure," OpenAI said.

However, OpenAI won't accept jailbreaks for ChatGPT or text prompts intended to trick the AI program to violate its own rules. Since ChatGPT first emerged, users have found ways to jailbreak the chatbot to post swear words, write about banned political topics, or even create malware.

The bug bounty program also won't accept reports of ChatGPT generating incorrect facts.

"Model safety issues do not fit well within a bug bounty program, as they are not individual, discrete bugs that can be directly fixed," OpenAI says. "Addressing these issues often involves substantial research and a broader approach." (Users can report model safety issues using a separate form.)

The move comes days after ChatGPT was banned in Italy for a suspected breach of privacy rules, prompting regulators in other European countries to study generative AI services more closely.

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