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OpenAI now lets you build your own custom GPT Chatbots

2023-11-06 17:08 by
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OpenAI, the company whose ChatGPT brought AI chatbots to mainstream awareness, said Monday that it'll let you build your own special-purpose version of its artificial intelligence technology. The company is releasing a platform for making custom versions of ChatGPT for specific use cases - no coding required.

In the coming weeks, these AI agents, which OpenAI is calling GPTs, will be accessible through the GPT Store. Details about how the store will look and work are scarce for now, though OpenAI is promising to eventually pay creators an unspecified amount based on how much their GPTs are used. GPTs will be available to paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers and OpenAI enterprise customers, who can make internal-only GPTs for their employees."

GPTs are tailored versions of ChatGPT for a specific purpose," OpenAI Chief Executive Sam Altman said. He demonstrated the technology at OpenAI DevDay in San Francisco, telling the build system to create an advice-giving app for startups that draws from videos of his own talks that he uploaded.

OpenAI is at the cusp of the AI revolution, training an enormously complex large language model to recognize patterns on vast swaths of text like internet chat forums. The AI technology can accept prompts like "explain the concept of hell in Dante's Inferno" and generate its own response. OpenAI also offers generative AI that can create images through its Dall-E technology. More than 100 million people use ChatGPT each week, Altman said.

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