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One 16 characters string can bring down Google Chrome

2015-09-21 02:08 by


Security researcher Andris Atteka has discovered a bug that can crash the latest version of Google Chrome with a simple tiny URL. Visiting—or merely mousing over a link that contains a specific string of characters—is enough to either kill that tab or the whole browser.

Atteka gives as an example the URL string - simply hovering over this example crashed the Chrome tab it was in. If you want to try this behavior on your Chrome browser, all you need to do is hover over the active link at the bottom of this article, or copy the above URL string and paste it in the address field of the browser (mousing over won't affect anything in the address bar of the browser). All it takes is a NULL char in the URL string and Chrome instantly crashes.

The bug will crash both Windows and OS X versions of the browser but any mobile versions of Chrome for Android will not be affected.

According to the researcher, this is "only a DOS vulnerability"—that is, a crash-causing bug—so it isn't a severe security flaw. But it's still annoying because a user can lose all open browser tabs and windows.

Read more -here-

Brave enough ?  Crash your Chrome browser by simply hovering right here: ---> [-] , come back to SG after that by simply refreshing (F5), SG has many more cool stuff to offer ;)


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