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NSA wins key ruling in spying lawsuit

2015-02-11 10:11 by
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US District Judge Jeffrey White in Oakland has ruled in favor of the National Security Agency in a lawsuit against the government's methods for collecting personal data without a warrant, according to a court filing.

"The Court is frustrated by the prospect of deciding the current motions without full public disclosure of the Court's analysis and reasoning…," Judge White wrote in his ruling. "The Court is persuaded that its decision is correct both legally and factually and furthermore is required by the interests of national security."

Plaintiffs claim that the government collects Internet communications, filters out purely private messages, and then searches the rest for potentially terrorist related information. According to them the lack of a warrant, combined with an absence of individualized suspicion, violates the Fourth Amendment.

Members of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which brought the suit in 2008 weren't pleased with the ruling and found it disappointing. Thus, the foundation plans to continue fighting the case.

"What we want is a court to rule on the merits of the NSA's program," said Nate Cardozo, a staff attorney for the foundation. "Is what they are doing legal? Is it constitutional? The court didn't do that. It didn't say 'yes' or 'no.'"

"The judge's ruling only concerned Upstream Internet surveillance, not the telephone records collection nor other mass surveillance that are also at issue in Jewel," Kurt Opsahl, an EFF attorney, said. "We will continue to fight to end NSA mass surveillance," he added.

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