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New WPA3 Wi-Fi standard released

2018-06-26 10:27 by


On Monday, the Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that manages Wi-Fi technologies, announced the official release of WPA3. It is the successor to the WPA2 security protocol that's been in use since 2004. Security problems in WPA2 cropped up occasionally in that time, reminding us that unsecured Wi-Fi is bad news.

News that the Wi-Fi Alliance was working on WPA3 leaked online in January. The organization started working on WPA3 after a security researcher revealed KRACK, a vulnerability in the WPA2 WiFi protocol that made it somewhat trivial for an attacker to gain access to WiFi transmissions protected by WPA2.

Devices with the upgraded WPA3 will be mostly invulnerable to hackers attempting to guess your passwords till they get it right. The new security provisions will also enable "robust protection" when people use weak passwords. Additionally, WPA3-enabled devices will also feature individualized data encryption, making them safer to use in coffee shops and other open Wi-Fi networks.

WPA3 is available on new routers certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, and it's up to individual vendors whether to install the protocol on existing routers with a software update.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is also releasing a new protocol for both WPA2 and WPA3 devices that enables a QR code-based system for connecting devices to access points; all you’ll need to do to hop on a Wi-Fi network is scan the code.

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