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New iPad: Wi-Fi and Heat Problems Detected

2012-03-22 10:50 by
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The all new third-generation iPad is not even a week old, but it has been hit by yet another performance issue with many users complaining about poor Wi-Fi reception on the device. Meanwhile, those opting for LTE are discovering just how expensive the alternative is.

The Wi-Fi problems are sporadic, but numerous owners of the new iPad report putting it next to their laptops and finding the signal strength to be notably less on the iPad. But some of those who opt to use 4G cellular instead, as available in the USA, are finding the new connectivity rather more expensive than they had hoped.

"I am in a hotel with my laptop and new ipad3. The laptop wifi reception is as strong as it gets, but the iPad only registers a weak signal. Anyone else having similar problems? Any suggestions?" a user known as stlsteve wrote over the weekend.

"I am seeing this too. I am currently writing this from mymipad 1 because my new iPad RIGHT BESIDE ME doesn't pick up my wifi signal," grubbii responded.

The connection issue is not the only problem surrounding the new iPad. Yesterday, there were reports that the updated tablet runs about 10 degrees hotter than the iPad 2. But Apple denied that it was an issue and said the new iPad runs "well within our thermal specifications."

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