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New crypto-stealing malware infected 80000 computers

2019-11-26 18:21 by
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Microsoft security engineers today announced a new strain of malware that has been infecting Windows computers since October 2018 to hijack its resources to extract cryptocurrencies and generate revenue for attackers.

A Dexphot campaign was first spotted in October 2018 affecting thousands of computers, with attackers upgrading the malware over the following months to a level that left little to analyze.

The threat had a surge in mid-June this year, when it landed on tens of thousands of computers. Towards the end of the month the attacks subsided, less than 20,000 machines exhibiting Dexphot activity. By the end of July, the malware was seen on less than 10,000 machines every day.

"Dexphot is not the type of attack that generates media attention," said Hazel Kim, malware analyst at the Microsoft Defender ATP Research Team, referring to the mundane task of malware to extract cryptocurrencies, rather than stealing User data.

"It is one of the countless malware campaigns that are active at any given time. Their goal is very common in cybercriminal circles: to install a coin miner that silently steals computer resources and generates revenue for attackers," Kim said.

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