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Nevada passes bill to collect online sales tax

2015-04-22 10:00 by


Nevada lawmakers have passed a bill that will allow the authorities to collect more tax revenue from online retailers. The idea was proposed by the Democrats several years ago, but so far hasn't been supported by the Republicans.

"The reality is that we (Democrats) have been pushing this for the last 10 years," said Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas. "But we've never got to two-thirds. Now finally they (Republicans) gave us seven votes. This is our idea, this is our issue and we have wanted this for a long time."

The U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause restricts states in their collections, but supporters say the bill puts Nevada in a better place to bring in more money.

The approval of the bill means that a company should collect and pay sales tax to the state if it has a physical presence in Nevada. Even if the company has only a local representative and no brick-and-mortar shop, it will still have to pay the tax.

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by outsider - 2015-04-23 08:43
If a business can sell online from Nevada, doesn't that imply that they have a site in that state? Otherwise, if no tax is collected, then any business can 'say' they are selling online from the state of Nevada and never have to pay taxes (until the law is passed at least)
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