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Netflix is re-encoding its entire library to save data

2015-12-16 01:53 by


Netflix has announced that it has been testing a new encoding scheme over the past few months which will enable Netflix video to use 20% less bandwidth.

The company plans to re-encode its entire library in order boost video quality and to cut down on overall bandwidth. According to recent reports, the service uses about a third of all internet data in North America at certain times and takes up even more bandwidth in countries with slower Internet speeds.

The new approach of video encoding uses a technique that automatically identifies what kind of video a given movie or show is — whether it's a cartoon or live - action movie, for example — and uses that information to intelligently shrink its file size, thus saving up to 20% bandwidth.

"We've spent years developing an approach, called per-title encoding, where we run analysis on an individual title to determine the optimal encoding recipe based on its complexity," Netflix said. "Imagine having very involved action scenes that need more bits to encapsulate the information versus unchanging landscape scenes or animation that need less. This allows us to deliver the same or better experience while using less bandwidth, which will be particularly important in lower bandwidth countries and as we expand to places where video viewing often happens on mobile networks."

The company hopes to have a thousand re-encoded titles in its catalog by the holidays and is expected to complete the entire process by the end of the first quarter of 2016.

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