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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings clarifies password sharing crackdown

2021-04-21 18:31 by


Netflix wants people to pay their fair share to access its streaming service. But Reed Hastings promises that any crackdown on illicit password-sharing that the company decides to launch across its global footprint won't be done in an aggressive manner.

The topic was broached during Netflix's Investor Relations interview today, in which executives were asked if the time was right to "turn the screws" on the password sharing that has become common across the platform.

"We'll test many things, but we would never roll out something that feels like 'turning the screws'" on people who enjoy the service, Hastings, Netflix's co-CEO and co-founder, said. "It's gotta feel like it makes sense to consumers, that they understand."

To date, Netflix hasn't taken broad steps to shut down password-sharing activity aside from the restrictions in its terms of service, which spell out that any sharing of account credentials outside of the primary account holder's household is prohibited.

Implementing tests regarding password sharing represented the beginning of a strategy shift by Netflix, which has historically not attempted to police password sharing.

"Password sharing is something you have to learn to live with," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings declared in 2016, "because there’s so much legitimate password sharing — like you sharing with your spouse, with your there's no bright line, and we're doing fine as is."

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