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Netflix: 25% of American subscribers want to cancel their subscription

2022-09-23 18:48 by


Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in its history in the first quarter of 2022, a trend that repeated itself in the second quarter. And this should continue by the end of the year. According to a recent survey conducted by Reviews, 25% of Netflix subscribers expressed a desire to discontinue their cloud-based streaming subscription.

As per the report, which surveyed 1,000 Americans to gauge their streaming habits in 2022, the average American is subscribed to four platforms. Netflix is still the most popular with around four out of five individuals subscribed to it, and 70 percent also use it the most, followed, by HBO Max which is at 9.91 percent, Disney+ at 6.18 percent, Peacock at 4.25 percent, Hulu at 3.86 percent, AppleTV+ at 2.70 percent and Paramount+ at 2.70 percent.

Despite this lead, Netflix subscribers are planning to cancel their subscriptions. Of those willing to cancel their packs, two-thirds are blaming the rise in pricing to be one of the major reasons behind this.

Cutting back on streaming services are ways for cash strapped consumers to save some dollars. Those with multiple subscriptions can reduce to just one paid platform, while others can opt to view free content on platforms such as Peacock's free plan or Amazon FreeVee, or choose to switch to ad-subsidized content that some of the larger providers like HBO Max and Hulu offer.

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