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Net neutrality remains in Washington state after FCC kills it

2018-06-12 12:56 by
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The State of Washington today became the first US state to impose a net neutrality law that replaces the nationwide regulations repealed by the Federal Communications Commission.

The Washington state law prohibits home and mobile Internet providers from blocking or throttling lawful Internet traffic and from charging online services for prioritization. The rules will be enforced by the state attorney general under Washington's Consumer Protection Act.

Net neutrality's old rules are officially a thing of the past. As of June 11, the Federal Communications Commission is rolling net neutrality back. These new rules are going to affect the way internet providers do business.

"As a result of this inaction, starting today internet service providers (ISPs) have the power to force websites to pay fees for faster internet speeds and limit consumers' ability to access the internet content of their choice," California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement. "In this 21st century global economy, access to a free and open internet is imperative. It has become a hallmark of our American society," he continued.

The FCC changes were passed last December, supported by Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who says the new lighter-touch rules are more market-friendly than the "utility-style regulation" in the Obama-era.

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