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NCTA cable broadband lobby does't want unlicensed LTE

2015-06-23 09:53 by
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The National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the cable industry's biggest lobby is concerned about the use of unlicensed LTE (LTE-U) and considers that it may interfere with WiFi networks which operate in many of the same unlicensed spectrum bands.

The way that the new technology works suggests that it would let a base station look around, and if it finds free radio frequencies in (for example) 3 GHz or 5 GHz bands, it will get it for its own use.

"...the current formulations of LTE-U do not require providers to build in adequate sharing protocols. Without them, these providers could allow licensed carriers to commandeer unlicensed spectrum in ways that significantly interfere with other technologies that currently use these bands".

"Widespread deployment of LTE-U or LAA would therefore harm American consumers, schools and innovators by dramatically reducing the utility of the unlicensed bands for everyone but the companies that already hold licensed spectrum," the NCTA claims.

The association insists that the FCC should carefully monitor the standardisation process and communicate with all parties to insure "effective sharing mechanisms". According to them if the problem is neglected it would lead to notable degradation in Wi-Fi network performance.

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