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MSI announces new mesh Wi-Fi system at CES 2024

2024-01-11 13:41 by
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MSI announced new mesh routers at CES 2024, suitable for gamers - the MSI Wi-Fi 7 Roamii mesh system. MSI promises that it's more than good enough for 4K and even 8K streaming, and is capable of handling the bandwidth of AR and VR streaming, too. It makes use of Wi-Fi 7 and all of its technology, including 320 MHz frequency bands, 4K-QAM, Multi-RU, and MLO (Multi-Link Operation) to provide faster speeds and reduced latency.

The MSI Wi-Fi 7 Roamii mesh system can provide up to 21Gbps speeds throughout the home, allowing for an isolated IoT network, too to protect integrated devices that may be abusable.

Roamii BE Max Mesh System at $499 for two units High-powered combo that MSI claims can delivery Wi-Fi 7 at speeds up to 21Gbps (more than double what you'd get with a 10Gbe physical connection) – promising seamless home coverage. MSI FortiSecu provides some protection against cyber attacks in real time.

Roamii BE Pro Mesh System at $399 for two unitsProvides Wi-Fi 7 at speeds up to 11Gbps, with a wired connection between the units at 2.5Gbps. It also has MSI FortiSecu and can be up and running in minutes.

Roamii BE Lite Mesh System at $299 for two units Provides Wi-Fi 7 at speeds up to 5Gbps, with a gigabit wired connection between the units.

Production is expected to start very soon and that MSI's Roamii BE mesh networking kits will be on sale in major markets around the end of Q1.

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