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Mozilla launches browser for developers

2014-11-03 16:21 by
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For the 10th anniversary of its Firefox browser, Mozilla plans to release a special version of the browser, aimed at web developers. Dubbed "fx10", it is expected to be launched on the 10th of November.

The new browser will include a number of embedded developer tools, such as WebIDE and the Firefox Tools Adapter. These tools are currently available for download to anyone on up-to-date versions of the Firefox browser.

"When building for the Web, developers tend to use a myriad of different tools which often don't work well together," the announcement on Mozilla's blog reads. "This means you end up switching between different tools, platforms and browsers which can slow you down and make you less productive. So we decided to unleash our developer tools team on the entire browser to see how we could make your lives easier."

According to Net Applications, IE is the top desktop browser, with 58 percent share, followed by Chrome at 21 percent and Firefox at 14 percent. StatCounter, which measures on the basis of page views, not users, gives Chrome the top spot. For PCs and mobile devices, StatCounter shows Chrome at 42 percent, IE next at 13 percent, and Firefox in third place with 12 percent.

Read more -here-

Watch teaser trailer video:


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