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Mozilla changes default Firefox search from Google to Yahoo

2014-11-20 09:40 by
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Mozilla Corporation and Yahoo have signed a "strategic five-year partnership" which will make Yahoo the default search engine for Firefox browser in the U.S.

For 10 years Google has been the default search tool in Firefox but Mozilla decided to make the change in a move to promote "innovation and competition."

"Today we are announcing a change to our strategy for Firefox search partnerships. We are ending our practice of having a single global default search provider. We are adopting a more local and flexible approach to increase choice and innovation on the Web, with new and expanded search partnerships by country," Mozilla said in a statement.

As part of the deal, Yahoo is going to respect the Do Not Track feature when used by Firefox users to limit Yahoo's ability to track user activity across the Web. In December the company is expected to launch a new search interface for American Firefox users.

"Yahoo will introduce an enhanced search experience for U.S. Firefox users which is scheduled to launch in December 2014. It features a clean, modern and immersive design that reflects input from the Mozilla team."

Google will still continue to be the default search engine for Firefox in the rest of the world, and it will continue to power the Safe Browsing and Geolocation features in the browser. Yandex will be the new default search engine for Firefox in Russia, and Baidu will continue to be the partner in China.

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