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Microsoft's new Chromium Edge launches today

2020-01-15 16:37 by
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Microsoft is officially launching its new Edge Chromium browser today across both Windows and macOS. A stable version of the browser is now available for everyone to download, just over a year after the software maker revealed its plans to switch to Chromium. Microsoft is initially targeting Edge at enterprise users of Windows and macOS, but consumers will be able to manually download and install it, too.

The updated Edge browser brings support for Chrome extensions, user profiles, and faster web browsing. On Windows 8.X and 10, Microsoft will hide the old "legacy" Edge browser and make it look as if the new Edge is replacing it. Microsoft says that favorites, passwords, form-fill information, and basic settings will carry over to the new Microsoft Edge without users needing to do anything proactively. And for users who have other non-Microsoft browsers set as their default, nothing will change; those browsers will remain as users' defaults.

Windows 7, Windows 8.X, Windows 10 and macOS users can download it manually from starting today. Chredge is available immediately in 90 languages. (Microsoft also has rebranded its Edge browsers on iOS and Android to match the logo/branding of the new Edge, but these mobile Edge variants are already available in final form and independent of the new desktop Edge browser which is being released today.)

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