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Microsoft unveils Windows 10

2014-10-01 09:26 by
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At a press-only event in San Francisco, Microsoft announced its new operating system - Windows 10. The company considers the new OS as such a big change that it's calling the software Windows 10, skipping the more logical product name, Windows 9, entirely.

"Because we're not building an incremental product, the new name will be Windows 10," Microsoft's executive vice president of the Operating Systems group Terry Myerson said.

Microsoft says Windows 10 "will run across the broadest range of devices ever," from consumer products like PCs, tablets, Xboxes and phones to enterprise data centers and "Internet of Things" connected devices. There will be just a single app store for all these formats, and Microsoft says it will be possible for developers to write an application once and then deploy it across device types.

Windows 10 will look and work a lot more like Windows 7 than Windows 8, and it will be a place where traditional and modern apps co-exist peacefully. The Start menu will return and it will be customisable, including being resizeable.

Microsoft has not given up on making touch an important part of Windows. If someone uses Windows 10 on a hybrid device with a keyboard and a touch screen - such as Microsoft's Surface tablet the software will reformat itself with the tile interface when a keyboard is detached. Eventually, some analysts predict, most new PCs will incorporate touch screens.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has standardized the format for apps from the Windows Store and regular desktop programs. Both now run in traditional windows that can be resized and minimized from the bar at the top.

Multiple desktops will also be introduced. The ability to create and swap between different desktops is a feature that Mac users have enjoyed for years.

Users who are impatient to try the new OS can download a 'Technical Preview' which will be available soon.

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