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Microsoft reveals malware campaign attacking major browsers

2020-12-11 19:00 by
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The Microsoft Defender Research Team has identified a new malware campaign that targets the most popular web browsers to generate ad revenue for malicious actors. While it may seem harmless to the user, the malware's sophisticated behavior indicates it could be used to gain deeper access to the data on your Windows device.

The ultimate aim of the new malware campaign is to lead users to affiliated pages by serving malware-inserted ads on search results. However, to begin the action, the malware silently adds malicious browser extensions and changes browser settings to insert ads into webpages — often on top of legitimate ads from search engines. It is also claimed to modify DLL per target browser, MsEdge.dll on Microsoft Edge for instance, to turn off security controls.

While this type of attack is not new, Adrozek is comparatively sophisticated because it persists in the machine, and can steal credentials as well. Although malware attacks by this family have been noted across the globe, they have focused very strongly on Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia so far.

As Microsoft explains, the malware is distributed via 159 malicious domains (and potentially more), each hosting 17,300 distinct URLs on average. Between them, these domains are said to harbor hundreds of thousands of unique malware samples, thereby bypassing security tools that filter for known threats.

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