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Microsoft revealed hackers gained access to its source code

2021-01-01 18:02 by


Microsoft revealed on Thursday that the massive security breach directed at the U.S. government had spread to more parts of the network than they previously thought.

According to Microsoft, the hackers did not get their hands on the services, products and emails nor did they manage to change the source code they went through. There was no mention of how much time the intruders spent inside the network or which products were accessed.

At first, Microsoft said there was no breach. So far, the investigation has found no signs of the systems being employed to attack others.

It is now suspected that the attack might have begun back in October 2019 when hackers broke through SolarWinds. The latter company delivers management and monitoring tools to 425 of the Fortune companies and government agencies. Its software was compromised and then used to break into Energy, State, Treasury and Commerce Departments. It also affected FireEye, the cybersecurity company that was first to notice the attack.

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  User Reviews/Comments:
by Philip - 2021-01-03 14:09
Ouch, even though "security by obscurity" does not help much, exposing the source code will definitely help hackers find and explore previously hidden vulnerabilities.
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