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Microsoft recommends spoofed Skype users to change passwords

2015-07-20 10:14 by
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For several weeks, Skype users have been complaining on online forums that their accounts have been sending out spoof messages without their permission. Others complain that they have been plagued with spoof messages from people on their contact list. The spoofed message includes a shortened URL, so those clicking it have no idea where it leads until it is too late.

"My account sent out the same message OP describes. The message was sent at 2345 UTC on 01-07-2015 to all contacts. As a precaution, I changed my Skype password on a different machine. I also checked whether anything strange was accessing the API, but this did not appear to be the case," one user explained 3 weeks ago.

Microsoft has already confirmed the problem and has said that it's investigating, but surprisingly, hasn't provided a fix yet. For now, all the company has to say is "change your password".

"Our engineers are still looking into this. Meanwhile we'd recommend everyone to change their account passwords for all your Skype related accounts, i.e. also update your Microsoft account password if you linked that to your Skype account," a company rep says.

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