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Microsoft plans to replace Internet Explorer

2015-03-19 09:54 by
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Microsoft has officially announced that it will kill its 20 year-old browser - Internet Explorer - and from now on it won't be the default browser in its operating system. Instead, the company plans to ship Windows 10 with a new browser dubbed "Project Spartan."

It's not just a new name, but a completely different browser, designed from scratch. A Microsoft spokesman said that "Project Spartan is Microsoft's next generation browser, built just for Windows 10." It will have totally new features, among which the ability to write directly on webpages from your touchscreen, making sites more readable, and saving sites for offline reading.

Despite not being the default browser in Windows 10, Internet Explorer will still be available for the latest operating system.

"We recognize some enterprises have legacy websites that use older technologies designed only for Internet Explorer," said Jason Weber, Microsoft's Internet Explorer program manager, in a blog post. "For these users, Internet Explorer will also be available on Windows 10."

Internet Explorer has once been the behemoth of web browsers but it's popularity has faded due to being slower than its rivals and prone to bugs. With Project Spartan, being faster and feature-rich, Microsoft hopes that more consumers will prefer to use its browser again.

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To learn more about Project Spartan, watch this video:


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