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Microsoft has unveiled Windows 10

2015-01-22 10:33 by
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At a media event at its Redmond headquarters, Microsoft has announced the newest version of its operating system - Windows 10. It comes preloaded with new features, such as better recognition between desktop and tablet modes, multiple desktops option, the old start menu and interaction with holograms.

"Today really is a monumental day for Windows," said Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's operating systems unit. "Windows 10 is so much more than the latest version of Windows. Windows 10 changes the rules of the game."

"Windows Holographic," is powered by a new kind of device called the HoloLens. By using the HoloLens glasses, Windows 10 users can interact with holograms all around them. Those glasses feature a holographic processing chip that understands gestures, voice and where the user is looking. It can display holograms that appear to be in thin air or on objects arround the user.

By using Windows 10's HoloStudio app, people will be able to create 3-D objects with their voices and gestures (like pinches and flicks) and then print them on a 3-D printer.

One of the biggest announcements at the event has been a new web browser for Windows 10. Project Spartan is a lighter, nimbler browser that will be compatible with all devices and will even let you annotate websites by typing or drawing. The company hasn't announced when its release will be.

Microsoft will let Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users to get a free upgrade (at least within one year), though it's unclear exactly when the update will become available.

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